Parent Coaching

When children are diagnosed with ADHD, parents are often given cursory information, general suggestions, and maybe medication. However when parents receive education, tools, strategies, and support they are better able to manage challenges caused by ADHD and can improve their child's ability to plan, follow through, and keep organized. The goal of parent coaching is to help your child become more independent and able to take ownership for themselves. In parent coaching you learn how to: shift your approach to get different outcomes, develop and strengthen your child's executive function skills, and how to provide external structures that enable your child manage daily challenges.


I recommend parent coaching for children under 13 because they are typically not developmentally ready to make decisions for themselves regarding how they manage and prioritize their time.  The needs of younger children are better addressed by partnering with the parent to provide external structures needed to help the child self manage.  Parent coaching is also appropriate when a teen is not open or resistant to coaching.