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ADHD Counseling & Coaching for Middle School Students

Students face increased demands for self-management when they transition from elementary school to middle school. While some kids develop these skills naturally, many middle schoolers begin to struggle. What these students need is direct and explicit instruction in executive functioning. Unfortunately, these skills are rarely taught as it is assumed these skills will just develop on their own.

Middle school students may struggle with some of the following:

  • Organizational challenges/AKA stuff management: difficulties organizing their "stuff" (backpack, binder, and folders) as well as the places where they keep their stuff (desk, locker and bedroom) can cause students to lose or misplace assignments.

  • Time management challenges: many students leave work until the last minute, causing stress and panic.

  • Academic challenges: poor study habits such as not completing assignments, difficulty starting assignments, or turning in assignments late.

  • Behavior challenges: difficulty resisting distractions or trouble settling down long enough to do work.