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Heidi Posavac, Ph.D., HSP, ADHD-CCSP 

Licensed Psychologist and ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider

  • Trouble keeping track of assignments and due dates?

  • Always putting off homework or work until the last minute? 

  • Are long-term projects difficult to manage?

  • Struggling with poor organization, difficulty starting or completing assignments, missing deadlines or late assignments?

ADHD Counseling & Coaching Can Help

Often individuals with ADHD are not in need of traditional psychotherapy, yet still need help managing their time, getting themselves organized, and reaching their goals. Problems following through are due to difficulties in planning, organizing, and time management. While medication is beneficial for many, it does not help develop these skills, which are needed to succeed in school, work,  and in life. This is where ADHD counseling and coaching can help.

Being a Licensed Psychologist and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider, I have the background and expertise to address conditions that commonly coexist with ADHD such as anxiety, depression, and learning disorders, making me uniquely qualified to help those with ADHD to reach their potential. I provide a comprehensive approach to managing ADHD by integrating therapeutic techniques with strategies to address practical matters such as time management and organization.


I offer ADHD counseling & coaching for:

  • High School Students to increase self-management skills so that they are less reliant on others (parents) to complete tasks. 

  • College Students to provide a bridge between the structure of high school and the freedom of college.

  • Adults whose struggles with time management, procrastination, planning/prioritization, and organization is impeding career and/or personal goals.

​Providing videoconference sessions in most states (see my Services & Fees page for a list of participating states) and office sessions in Brentwood TN.

Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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