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ADHD Testing for Teens & Adults

ADHD Evaluations

Prior to a 2-hour diagnostic interview, clients complete a few assessment measures of their attention and executive functioning. Additionally clients are screened for other possible related problems or co-occurring disorders. Clients are provided with a brief report which includes a diagnostic impression and possible recommendations for treatment. Clients are also provided with some education about ADHD.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluations

Psychoeducational testing is not usually required for standard ADHD accommodations in schools, however such testing is often a prerequisite before determining eligibility for an IEP and for many national or professional board certification exams and other standard exams like the SAT and ACT. Also, because ADHD and learning disorders often co-exist and/or can manifest similarly, it is often recommended to include an assessment of one's learning profile to rule out the presence of a learning disorder.


After the diagnostic interview, clients who request testing for accommodations complete cognitive and achievement testing (WAIS/WISC and WIAT). After the completion of testing, results are reviewed and clients receive a report which requests support for accommodations or recommendations based on the findings. Generally accommodations can be used for all grade levels in schools and colleges or universities as well as on standardized testing.


ADHD Testing is only offered in the summer and is provided at the office of Mary Lee Bunch Educational Consultants, 7113 Peach Ct Suite 111 in Brentwood.

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