All Executive Function Boot Camps Canceled due to COVID

Executive Function Boot Camp

Do you have a child or teenager who is struggling with time management, planning, or organizational skills? Maybe just getting started is the problem or remembering to turn in the homework that he/she spent hours working on. Would you like for them to improve these skills so they can function more successfully and with less stress, in school?

Executive Function Boot Camp is intended to help students begin to develop their self-awareness of their executive functioning strengths and weaknesses. Such self-awareness paired with strategies for their weaknesses, teaches students how to be in control, rather than be controlled, by their ADHD.

Separate Executive Function Boot Camps are offered for elementary, middle school, and high school students. 3-day small group workshops (each session is two hours) will cover topics such as: organizational skills, study skills, trouble starting and completing tasks, keeping track of belongings, motivation problems, and time management. We'll tame binders and backpacks, make study plans, "calendar" like a pro, and much more!