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My ADHD Coach 2022 Summer Workshops

Preparing for Life After High School: ADHD College Survival Skills | HS Juniors/Seniors & College Students | Saturday, July 23rd 9am-12pm | $240

Getting into college is half the battle. To succeed in college students need strategies to live on their own and meet increased academic demands. Students will get a crash course in the skills needed to be successful in college. From organization and planning to prioritizing and time management, this workshop is designed to introduce effective strategies and systems for a smooth transition.

Executive Function Boot Camp: Parent Edition | For parents of preteens-college age | Saturday, July 30th 9am-12pm | $240

The future may seem far off, especially when you are currently overwhelmed with constantly reminding, checking, and sometimes rescuing your child from academic disaster. But too much helping now can lead to trouble later. When parents manage their child's ADHD, their kid misses out on opportunities to develop and strengthen their executive functioning skills. This workshop will teach parents strategies to strengthen their child's executive functioning skills and ultimately self manage.

Back to School Success: Executive Function Boot Camp | Grades 6th-12th | Monday, August 1st 9am-12pm | $240


Do you have a student who is struggling with time management, planning, or organizational skills? Maybe getting started on homework is the problem or keeping track of what assignments are due and when is overwhelming. Use the summer to help the new school year get off to a strong start. This workshop introduces effective strategies and systems to make this coming school year more productive and less stressful.

All workshops are held at the office of Mary Lee Bunch Educational Consultants, 7113 Peach Ct Suite 111 in Brentwood.

For more information or to enroll in a workshop, schedule a free phone consultation

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