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ADHD Counseling & Coaching

I integrate coaching techniques into therapy because I have found such strategies to be an essential part of my work with ADHD students. I work with students to come up with specific plans and help them develop practical strategies to deal more effectively with daily life management challenges.

What is my ADHD counseling/coaching process like?

My clients and I work together to solve the problems that they are currently experiencing. I use an active approach to identify and help students define their problem and then brainstorm potential solutions.

  • Because I am a psychologist, issues common to ADHD like avoidance, procrastination, worry, and pessimism are addressed and reduced, often allowing students to actively engage in counseling and coaching.

  • Clear achievable goals are identified.

  • Practical strategies are used to achieve those goals AND

  • Executive function skills that were never acquired are taught.

  • Each week smaller, intermediate goals are planned to be carried out in simple action steps.

  • In-between sessions, students check in with me by text to help them stay on track, offering the high level of structure and support needed.