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ADHD Counseling & Coaching

Many times individuals with attention issues are not in need of traditional psychotherapy, yet need help getting themselves organized and reaching their goals. At the same time, "ADHD rarely travels alone," meaning it is common for those with ADHD to experience symptoms of anxiety or depression and/or have a learning disorder. Because I am a licensed psychologist and an ADHD-Certified Clinical Service Provider, I am able to provide a continuum of care to my clients to include emotional and learning conditions commonly associated with ADHD, such as anxiety, depression, dyslexia, and dysgraphia.

What is my ADHD counseling/coaching process like?

I utilize educational and therapeutic strategies to help my clients learn to self manage their ADHD. What does this mean? My clients and I collaboratively work together to solve problems, come up with specific plans, and develop practical strategies to deal more effectively with the daily life management challenges that they face.


  • Because I am a psychologist, issues common to ADHD like avoidance, procrastination, worry, and pessimism are addressed and reduced, often allowing individuals to actively engage in counseling and coaching.

  • Clear achievable goals are identified.

  • Practical strategies are used to achieve those goals AND

  • Executive function skills that were never acquired are taught.

  • Each week smaller, intermediate goals are planned to be carried out in simple action steps.

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