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ADHD Counseling & Coaching for High School Students

Perhaps your kid functions pretty well, but it takes a lot of behind the scenes work by you, like keeping track of when assignments are due or making sure things get done.

Many students with ADHD get through high school with the help of their parents remembering their deadlines, managing their schedules, organizing their binders, and frequently saving them from disaster! Students often arrive on college campuses without the coping, advocacy, self management, and study skills necessary to transition to college successfully.


ADHD coaching can help prepare and empower your student to self manage their ADHD before they leave home. Focusing on your child's long term vs. short term success makes all the difference. What does this mean? Helping your teenager get the grades to get into college, but never allowing him/her to practice the skills needed to manage life independently. In ADHD coaching the skills needed to function independently are identified and plans are developed to teach those skills, followed by opportunities to these practice emerging skills. Very gradually the student takes steps forward while the parents steps back. My role is to facilitate the transition from teenagers being accountable to their parents to being accountable to themselves.